September Newsletter


September.. blink and the children are back to school and school and work routine has resumed. I don't know where the time goes?

With the children back to school and me back to my day job posting days will now be Mondays & Fridays. I will where I can add another posting day but these two days will be the minimum. 


Pop Up Shop - Its well and truly underway. Theres been lots of discussions of how to make it work and what will work best for everyone. So.... we will be launching a little later than planned but our first one will be in October. These will be a regular thing too :) Ive got a very clever dad making me some lovely fabric display stands. Make sure you follow us on social media for updates as i'll be showing snippets of whats happening. 


Ive got some lovely new solid jersey knits and cotton poplins arriving this month. 

Fat Quarter bundles will soon be available as im able to get hold of stock a lot easier now. 

Pom Poms will soon be back in stock. These are handmade using faux fur and of excellent quality. 

Fabric samples are now heading out in all orders. 

Our first Christmas design (Percy the Penguin) will soon be available to purchase.

Im also hoping to start a sewing hints and tips blog this month too. 

Got anything you would like me to cover or you need help with then please let me know.


Happy Sewing 

Jade x

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