July Newsletter


Another month has flown by don't you think? I hope you're all keeping safe and well? Once again we've been super busy and not with just cutting your orders to post out to you all. We've been sourcing new fabrics, new suppliers and we've FINALLY got print your own underway.

We've had a long hard think about where we want to take our small business and we've decided that we would like to be a one stop shop for you all. Ive written a list haberdashery items id like to stock, sewing patterns, sewing kits, different types of fabrics the list is endless. Im so excited to show you all what will be coming. 

In June launched our sewing essential kits :) These are the ideal gift for anyone new to sewing or for any sewing lover. These little bags are filled with everything you need to get started with a sewing project. Coming soon will be our essentials kit with some FQ's added. These again are the ideal gift for someone and they've got no excuse to get sewing straight away as they have the fabric too :)


So what to expect this month...

For July we will be starting print your own. Its been a long time coming! Covid-19 didn't exactly help things either. Ive had 4 designs ready to be printed since January and I think it's about time I got them done. Print your own will run to begin with on a monthly basis with the hope of moving it to every fortnight. The printer has quite a few fabric options for your designs to be printed on to and we will also be offering samples so you can check the quality before you buy. Ive written a list FAQ's which you can find here. Ive put a lot of work into this over the last few months and I cant wait to get this started and see all the lovely fabrics you get printed. 


Fabric Samples

With every order made i'm going to be sending out small fabric samples. When buying fabric I find it hard to judge what the fabric is actually like. What the texture like, is the weight suitable for the project I want it for, is the colour on screen a good comparison to what it's actually like. Not only that the amount of samples I've received over the years majority have been some I would have never looked at or even thought to buy. Let's face it some fabrics are just better in the flesh. 


Printing Postage Labels

I've also moved to printing our own postage labels. No more handwriting each one! This is a move that I should have done a long time ago and I'm glad I've made this change. I've opened a Royal Mail click and drop account and now the whole process saves me so much time. Less time in the queue at the postoffice and wrapping your orders doesn't take me as long any more. One day I'll have Royal Mail pick your orders up from my door!


We are working hard behind the scenes to bring you lots of new fabrics as well as trying to work smartly. From August I will be back to my day job minimum 2 days a week then come September I will be back to my usual 4 days. I will keep you all updated how this will effect turnaround times etc closer to the time. One thing lockdown has taught me is that I want to do this as my full time job. Ive given it my all during lockdown and i've really enjoyed it. Im reviewing how business goes for the next 6-12 months with the hope that if we continue to grow I can finally take that leap and do this as my full time job. Wish me luck!!


Stay safe everyone & happy sewing 

Jade :)


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