Exclusive Designs Printing.

In my first news letter I shared with you all that I was ready to print 4 exclusive to us  designs. Its with a heavy heart that these designs will be on hold until COVID-19 has cleared and life has gone back to some sort of normality. 
After getting an overall price for the printing and shipping costs and factoring in what the designs cost the fabric works out rather expensive. The reason for the high costing is due to the shipping. The lack of flights out of china has put up the shipping cost drastically. To make any sort of profit I would have to charge an amount that I wouldn't be happy charging. It would end up being too expensive and I for one wouldn't want to spend that on a fabric that isn't organic jersey. 

So for now the exclusive designs are on hold until some sort of normality resumes. 
I hope you can understand where i'm coming from. I will be keeping in contact with my supplier so any changes I will let you all know. 

Thank you for your understanding.
Jade :)

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